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Night under the Stars

We warmly invite all astronomy enthusiasts to the Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University for "Night under the Stars" on the dates given below.

We hope that this will not only generate enthusiasm for science, but also cut the seeming gap between scientists and the public. We believe that it is inherently human to look at the night sky and experience a great sense of awe. The vastness of the universe can make people feel modest and small, but when people begin to understand how it works, it can be the happiest and most satisfying endevaour one can embark on.

Welcome to our Public Event

Entry is Free

We do however, require all participants to register and agree to our data release. If the form is not displayed, the event is full for the upcoming date. We can accomodate only up-to 40 participants in a meeting due to limited space.

All events begin promptly at 7 pm, unless otherwise noted.

Incase of questions: Telephone: +48 12 6238603 Email:

Please scroll down for Travel information.

Activities & Registration

Dates and topics of the meetings are listed here:

Night under the Stars (external link & form)

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Travel information

Transport is on your own. The Observatory is located at 171 Orla Street in Krakow. By public transport you can reach it most conveniently by bus line 102 - to the stop "Observatory" located near the gateway. The Observatory has a very small parking. We kindly ask drivers parking in the area to follow the relevant traffic regulations.

Please remember to dress warmly. Observatory domes are not (by definition) heated, observations are conducted in outdoor conditions.

We also invite you to take a virtual tour of the Observatory.

Can't wait for the event?

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